How do you like to communicate?

During my childhood growing up in a London suburb, we had a beige telephone permanently
fixed to the wall in the kitchen. It had a long, curly flex that enabled us to walk around in a
very small circle, tethered, though you were to within a metre of the phone.
There was no such thing as a private phone call. Anyone who happened to be in the kitchen
at the time heard your side of the conversation, and my parents were constantly shouting at
me to “get off the phone”, “stop wasting money” and think of the phone bill at the end of the
These days, teenagers tend to communicate with one another over the Internet using Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or any one of the countless other
ways available to us for verbal and visual interaction.
How do you prefer to keep in touch with family, friends and workmates? Personally, I find phone
calls too intrusive. When the phone rings, it’s saying, “I’m here! Answer me, NOW!”. I get the
impression that the person calling me is saying, “I’m much more important than whatever you
happen to be doing at the moment”.
So, I prefer email or text messaging, then I can answer at my convenience, and the person I
send a text to can do the same. I’m respecting his, or her, time. Also, you give people some time
to think before replying (and to make up an excuse if they don’t want to go to that dinner party
you’ve invited them to next weekend!).
So give your contacts a break, text them, don’t phone them. Unless it’s an emergency and you
just can’t wait, why not give people some space and let them breath a little?.

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