Is Clammr the Next Twitter?

When Twitter was released in 2006, I thought to myself, ‘Who would want to be restricted
only 140 characters when they write?’. It seemed so silly. However, 7 years and over 500
million users later, Twitter has firmly established itself as one on the most important
communication mediums in our world, and it’s far from a silly concept.
It seems that only having a 140-character limit to your tweet is an advantage, not a drawback.
When writing a tweet, you really have to think carefully about the words you include and how
you express what you want to say.
There is a new app available that’s attracting a lot of attention at the moment. It’s called
Clammr and it seems to share similar characteristics with Twitter, except Clammr is only for
audio. You have a maximum of 18 seconds to craft your message and then you publish it out
to the world. In the same way that you can link from Twitter out to a blog post, you can link
from Clammr to an audio file or podcast.
Clammr was launched this year and it has quickly become very popular in the podcasting
community. Will it be as big and successful as Twitter one day? Who knows? But for the time
being I’m happy to connect with the Clammr community and “Clammer on!”

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