The Graphic Designer

Hey Julie, I think I’ve found a replacement for the graphic designer
position. I just interviewed someone before lunch and I think she’s
perfect for the job.
Her name’s Sandra Wilson. Yes, I’ll spell it for you:
S-A-N-D-R-A W-I-L-S-O-N.
She’s 24. Yes, I know we wanted someone a bit older, but she’s one
of the best graphic designers I’ve seen.
What does she look like? Well, she’s short, quite small. She’s got long
brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Get this! She goes sky diving! Yeah, she jumps out of planes as a hobby.
She also likes horses and dogs. She’s got 7 dogs in her house!
Well, I thought she was very friendly, open and quite talkative, but I
want you to meet her as soon as possible.

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