A Gentleman’s Outfitter

I’ve been selling clothes to men for about 25 years, and I like to think
I’m pretty good at it.
My job description is salesman, but I like to think it’s more than that.
I call myself a gentleman’s outfitter. Very often, when a customer walks
in through the door he has no idea of what he wants to buy. You know,
what he really needs.
They’ll typically say, ‘I need a suit for a wedding’ or ‘I’ve got a job interview
coming up and I really need to look good’.
It’s my job to style the customer and bring out all of his best qualities. It’s a
lot more than just selling a suit. What’s more, our clothes aren’t cheap. It’s
not uncommon for a man to spend in excess of 1,000 pounds on a complete
outfit. That could include a 3-piece suit, shirt, tie, shoes and perhaps an
overcoat, scarf and other accessories.
But the thing that really gives me satisfaction is seeing a well-dressed man
standing in front of a mirror looking his best with a broad smile on his face.
There’s nothing I like more than making people happy.

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