Working at Home

I think our life is different from most people in Spain. My wife works in an office in the city
centre and I work at home every day on the internet. I’m a website designer.
Because I’m the one at home all day I do the shopping, clean the house and take the kids
to school.
My wife leaves the flat at 7.30 and doesn’t usually get home before 9pm. I can’t expect her
to start cleaning and cooking after such a long day.
So, I make sandwiches for the kids and cook them a hot meal when they get back from school.
At the weekends, my wife sort of takes over from me and does the things I didn’t do during
the week, like the washing, ironing and shopping. She also cooks and freezes food so that
there’s something for us to eat if I didn’t have time to cook.
Our life is very busy and hectic, but it works quite well and the best thing is that I can spend
time with the kids and play with them when they get home from school.

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