1. My boss refused to raise my salary again, he’s making me work extra hours and reduced
my holiday by a week. I hate it when people take advantage like that. It really makes my
blood boil
2. There’s a girl at work who keeps flirting with me. She’s always smiling at me and making
me coffee. But when I ask her to go for a drink she says ‘no’. I think she’s playing hard to
3. It stands to reason you’ll get a promotion at the end of the year. You’re our top salesperson
and you’re the boss’s son-in-law!
4. Quick! Turn off the lights and draw the curtains. Your parents have just pulled up outside
in their car and I don’t want them to know that we’re at home!
5. Actually, my wife’s studying for her master’s degree and we’re living off my salary as an English
teacher at the moment. We’ve been finding it very difficult to make ends meet since the baby
was born.
6. Bear in mind I can’t speak French, so if we go to that conference in Paris, you’ll have to make
the arrangements and do all the talking.

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