Fast Food

Er..right, fast food. Burgers, and chips, Chinese.
Yeah, I don’t know. Would Chinese come under fast food? Chinese, Indian…. I suppose so.
Well, you get them as a takeaway, don’t you?
Yeah, you get those takeaways. Erm…personally…erm…I don’t mind burgers, but then I don’t like chips…erm….
I like both of them.
I know you do. Erm…I don’t like fish and chips….
I do!
…because I don’t like anything really fatty.
I don’t like Indian. It’s all spicy and yucky!
Yum yum! Erm…Chinese you don’t like, but I do.
Yeah, but I can… if I was put in a position, I can select certain items from the Chinese.
Only Chinese…yeah.
And that’s supposed to be good for you, innit? The food. Chinese food?
Well…. not really because of…erm…there’s something called monosodium glutamate that’s in Chinese that isn’t particularly good for you. And also, Chinese food is quite salty.
Well, I don’t mind that.
So….Well, you like salt, as well. Erm…..
I don’t know what else….
Mind you though, ….
...Spud-U-Like, that’s …that’s a fast food think, innit? Spud-U-Like?
Yeah, but we haven’t got that in Spain.
No, I know, but it is a fast food.
And the other thing is….erm….which I’ve noticed lately, McDonald’s, I don’t know about England, but in Spain McDonald’s do quite a few really nice salads…
…Oh, as well….yeah…
….as well as the burgers, and…er….I like the salads there….chicken salads.
How often do you eat fast food?
Ooo, we don’t really, anymore.
No, but I mean… but I get… it depends, if we’ve like sort of… sort of been out the night before for a meal and then gone on to a bar… erm… I might say to you, or we’ll both agree, let’s have bits today, which could involve me going down and getting a takeaway, which could be… erm… fish and chips, could be ribs, could be a burger.
So we might do that maybe once a week, but that’s about all. Other than that, you… you basically cook every day, don’t you?
Yeah, well I think it’s different if you’re at work as well. If you’re at work, maybe you make….you use…erm…fast foods more because it…it’s quicker and it saves women cooking when they get in from work.
I’ll tell you what we have got down the road, which is a Spanish…erm…chicken takeaway, and that’s beautiful. They just.. erm.. spit…. yeah, they stuff the chicken with loads of herbs and then just spit roast it, and that’s really nice.
Is that fast food?
I think so, you can….
Well, you’re going in to ask for it, and within, like sort of two minutes they’ve…they’ve cut it into four and wrapped it up and you take it away. Pretty fast to me!
You can’t get much faster than that!

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