1. Harry broke the TV, but he tried to put the blame on his younger sister.
2. Outsourcing the mobile phone application came as no surprise to the
design team.
3. Did you have a good time at the conference last week?
4. I don't understand why Tom left his job and moved to France. It makes
no sense
to me.
5. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the
marriage of my daughter Catherine to John Samuels.
6. When I first got married, my husband put a lot of pressure on me to start
a family but I just wasn't ready.
7. I went red with embarrassment when I caught - sight of my ex-girlfriend
talking to my wife.
8. Pepito did his best to catch his eye and order another cocktail, but the
waiter wasn't taking any notice.
9. Although Pepito doesn't have a background in Journalism, he's trying his
to run the company blog.
10. When Maria saw Danny in his tight jeans, she found it difficult not to
show how attracted she was to him.

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