School Sports

I went to an all-boys school. The absence of girls meant that we used up quite a lot
of our testosterone on sports.
Unfortunately for most of us, the official sports played by our school during games
lessons were rugby and cricket. If we wanted to play football (and we did of course,
it was the single most popular sport in the country, and still is) we had to do so in
our own time, either during break time, in the lunch hour or after school.
I hated cricket. It kicked in around the end of April and lasted through the summer
months until rugby took over in October.
Rugby wasn’t bad. I was in the school team for a while and, although we often lost,
I enjoyed my time sliding and slipping around the rain-soaked mud bath that the
school laughing called a rugby field.
Of all the sports I took part in at school, I think basketball was the one that most
rewarded me. Football was by far the most enjoyable to play, but basketball gave me
a feeling of belonging to a team and working together for the common good.

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