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 Miss Billy
Billy Neilson was eighteen years old when the aunt, who had brought her up from babyhood,
died. Miss Benton's death left Billy quite alone in the world—alone, and peculiarly forlorn. To
Mr. James Harding, of Harding & Harding, who had charge of Billy's not inconsiderable property,
the girl poured out her heart in all its loneliness two days after the funeral.
"You see, Mr. Harding, there isn't any one—not any one who—cares," she choked.
"Tut, tut, my child, it's not so bad as that, surely," remonstrated the old man, gently. "Why, I
I care."
Billy smiled through tear-wet eyes.
"But I can't LIVE with you," she said. .

 Mary Marie
The sun was slowly setting in the west, casting golden beams of light into the somber old room.
That's the way it ought to begin, I know, and I'd like to do it, but I can't. I'm beginning with my
being born, of course, and Nurse Sarah says the sun wasn't shining at all. It was night and the
stars were out. She remembers particularly about the stars, for Father was in the observatory,
and couldn't be disturbed. (We never disturb Father when he's there, you know.) And so he didn't
even know he had a daughter until the next morning when he came out to breakfast. And he was
late to that, for he stopped to write down something he had found out about one of the consternations
in the night.



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