A Ticket Tout

It all started about 6 years ago. Me and my brother had tickets to go and see Chelsea
and Arsenal play in the cup semi-final. I’d bought the tickets to the game at face value
through the supporters club. I think they cost about 65 quid each.
Well, me mum fell ill and she was in hospital so obviously me and me brother couldn’t
go to the game. I asked around in me local pub and eventually sold them for nearly 200
quid each! ‘Allo, I thought. There’s money to be made here.
So, I started buying tickets in advance. Not only football tickets, but tennis, motor racing,
golf, boxing. Even concerts and theatre stuff and opera. I’ve never been to an opera in my
life, but people pay a lot of money if the gig is sold out and you’re selling tickets the day
before or the same day. I make quite a good living out of this. Don’t tell anyone, though.
I’m not 100% sure it’s legal.

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