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 The Dark Eyes of London
Larry Holt sat before the Café de la Paix, watching the stream of life flow east and west along the Boulevard
des Italiens. The breath of spring was in the air; the trees were bursting into buds of vivid green; the cloud
flecked skies were blue; and a flood of golden sunshine brought out the colours of the kiosks, and gave an
artistic value even to the flaring advertisements. Crowded motor-buses rumbled by, little taxis dashed wildly
in and out of the traffic, to the mortal peril of unsuspecting pedestrians...

 The Clue of the Twisted Candle
The 4.15 from Victoria to Lewes had been held up at Three Bridges in consequence of a derailment and, though
John Lexman was fortunate enough to catch a belated connection to Beston Tracey, the wagonette which was
the sole communication between the village and the outside world had gone...



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