The 2016 Podcast Awards at New Media Europe

If you were studying with La Mansión del Inglés last year, you may remember that our podcast
won the award for Best Education Podcast at New Media Europe in Manchester, UK.
We were very proud to receive the award, especially because it was you, our wonderful audience,
who enabled us to win it with your votes and your support.
That all happened last September, and this year we’ve been nominated again for the Audience
Appreciation Award. The conference is in London on June the 18th and 19th and the awards are
on the evening of the 18th.
It’s going to be more difficult to win this year. There are fewer categories and more podcasts
competing against us. Nevertheless, I think, with your help we can win again.
The voting is being done on Twitter. The best way to vote for us is to go to the website and click the banner NEW MEDIA EUROPE AWARDS on the home page.
It only takes a second, but you need a Twitter account to be able to vote.
Please go there now and vote, we’d really appreciate it and we’d love to bring the podcast award
back to Spain. We’re also giving away prizes to people who vote for us. We’ll select 3 lucky people
and send them T-shirts and a special small pair of speakers that you can use with your mobile
phone to listen to music and our podcasts!

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