1. When you're in Valencia, make the most of your time there and
only speak Spanish.
2. All the passengers took no notice when Pepito suddenly started
to take off his clothes on the train.
3. Before I started going out with my French girlfriend, I had great
in speaking and understanding the language.
4. The night before the wedding, at the stag party, Pepito's friends
decided to play a joke on him.
5. Maria takes great pride in doing her job to the best of her ability.
6. David was very excited. Not everyone gets the chance to meet a
top model.
7. I think it's about time we got rid of that old bed and bought ourselves
a new one.
8. Your English grades are very disappointing. You should pay more
during the lesson.
9. He'll get the promotion he wants next year if he puts more effort into
his work.
10. I wonder if you could do me a favour and lend me your car for a day?

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