1. I never put vinegar on salads. It tastes too sour for me.
2. She gave me a friendly smile, gazed into my eyes and I fell
instantly in love with her.
3. Very strong cheese gets really smelly if you leave it out of the
fridge too long in the summer.
4. If I’m too noisy while my dad’s reading the newspaper, he peers
over his glasses at me and stares at me until I’m quiet.
5. To turn on the computer, press the black button until you see a
red light.
6. You forgot to put the milk back in the fridge. It tastes sour. It
must have gone off.
7. Get your smelly feet off the table immediately!
8. I can’t hear anything you’re saying. Would you mind if we went to
a different pub? This one’s too noisy.

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