Gramática: BEEN / BEING

BEEN is a past participle of the verb TO BE (it usually translates as ‘sido’ o ‘estado’)
BEING is the present participle of the verb to be (often translated as siendo, estando)

Craig has been to many places, but he hasn’t been to Disneyland.

John is being interviewed for a job. – Él está siendo entrevistado por un trabajo.

BEEN has one syllable and is not usually stressed “I’ve /bin/ to Cuba, but I haven’t /bin/ to Brazil.
BEING has two syllables – BE-ING

Vocabulary Corner: Technology

to cut = cortar
to copy = copiar
to paste = pegar
to print = imprimir
to delete = borrar (to erase (US) / to rub out (UK) – eraser / rubber = goma
file = archivo
folder = carpeta (moqueta = carpet)
save as = guardar como
to select = seleccionar
to insert = insertar
to compress = comprimir
to search = buscar


“Mutton dressed up as lamb.”
mutton = tough lamb – duro
tender = tierno

on the pull = ligango

“Look at that woman over there, she’s mutton dressed up as lamb.”
“A wolf (lobo) in sheep’s clothing” (a dangerous person pretending to be harmless) – the plural of sheep is sheep.
“You can’t pull the wool (lana) over my eyes.” You can’t decieve me.

wolf (singular) – wolves (plural) boy who cried wolf

“to cry wolf” (to cry or complain about something when nothing is really wrong./ to ask for help when you do not need it, with the result that no one believes you when help is necessary). “The boy who cried wolf.”
“Caught between a rock and a hard place.” – You’ve got problems on either side. Two equally bad situations with no way out (sin salida).
“Hobson’s choice” – a situation in which you are supposed to make a choice but do not have a real choice because there is only one thing you can have or do (“What do you want for lunch, soup and salad or salad and soup?”)
“Look what the cat dragged home/brought in.” – Someone who looks bad or arrives late.

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