Gramática: 3rd conditional

“If you listen to these podcasts, your level will improve.” (First conditional) You can revise the conditional sentences in Episode 11.
“Albert Einstein said, ‘If bees disappeared, the human race would die out also.'” (Second conditional)
“If Craig had not come to Spain, he thinks he would have gone to New Zealand.” (Third Conditional)
“If you HAD DECIDED to emigrate to a different country, where WOULD YOU HAVE GONE?” (Third Conditional)

If + past perfect / would + have + past participle.
the third conditional is used to speculate about the past.
You can use ‘might’ and ‘could’ for UNCERTAINTY in the past: “Craig might have gone to New Zealand, or he might have gone to Australia.”

“Reza’s parents would have called him Victoria if he had been born a girl.”

Remember the contractions: Would have = would’ve / I had = I’d / they would = they’d etc.

“If Argentina hadn’t beaten Holland in the semi-final, Holland might have (might’ve) won the World Cup.”
“If I had studied more, I would have got a better job.”

Vocabulary Corner: Conversation expressions.

How could you reply to the following questions?

How are you? – Not too bad / I’m good / So so / Can’t complain / I’ve been better / A bit under the weather / Awesome!
Where are you from? – I’m from Belfast / Belfast, and you? / I’m Irish, Spanish, English etc /
Would you like some more pizza? – No, I’m fine thanks / Oh yes, thanks very much / That’s very kind of you / Don’t mind if I do /
How was your flight? – There were no delays / It ran on time / Fine / It was very nice / It was very pleaseant /
Did you like the film? – Yes, it was terrific! / No, it was a load of rubbish! / No, it was lousy / It wasn’t bad / Yes, I did / No, I didn’t /
Is anyone sitting here? – No, it’s free / Yes, it’s taken / Someone’s sitting here /


“Food for thought” – That’s food for thought (dar para pensar)
“A change is as good as a rest.” – (Con un cambio de actividad se renuevan las energias). Ex. If I always teach the same class and I start teaching a different level, I feel refreshed.
“Reza’s got a bee in his bonnet.”
“The bee’s knees.” – (Lo mejor de lo mejor / El más guay) – the best of the best – “It’s the business!” – “The dog’s bo*@#cks!”
“Buzz off!” – go away! (¡largarse!)
“A leopard can’t change its spots.” (you cannot change who you are) – Quien nace burro muere rebuznando (rebuznar = to bray ,like a donkey). My dad is, has always been and will always be very stubborn.

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