Improve your listening skills with podcasts

I totally sympathize with students’ frustration when it comes to understanding spoken English.
Maybe you’ve been studying English for many years, but the timetable of many language schools
offer four hours of classes per week. Even if the teacher spends 30% or 40% of that time on
listening activities, it still isn’t enough.
For this reason, I suggest listening to podcasts to improve your comprehension and remove the
frustration. I know what you’re thinking. Which podcasts should I listen to? Well, that depends
what you’re interested in. There are so many podcasts available now, about so many different
subjects, that I’m sure you’ll find interesting ones whatever your hobbies and interests might be.
Try googling your interest and then the word podcast. So, ‘tennis podcast’ or ‘cooking podcast’,
‘technology podcast’, ‘travel podcast’ etc. On the BBC website alone there are 488 different
You can also use iTunes (IOS) or Stitcher (Android) to search for and listen to podcasts. Use the
search box and type in your favourite hobby. If you prefer listening to language podcasts that will
improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, we suggest you begin with our podcasts at
Apart from them being free, one of the greatest advantages of using podcasts to improve your English
is that you can multitask. Listen while you’re at the gym, cleaning the house, walking the dog or on a
bus or in your car stuck in traffic. Make the best use of your time to improve your listening. And start

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