Uncle Monty was a distant relative who had a camera shop in East London, near
Whitechapel station. When I was 15, my dad took me to Uncle Monty’s shop and
bought me my first camera.
It was a Zenith-E, made in Russia I think, and I’m talking about back in the days
when you opened up the camera and put rolls of 24 or 36 films inside. You really
thought about the photo you were taking before you took it because camera film
was expensive.
I never really took to photography as a hobby. I only took photos of holidays,
birthdays, family parties etc. But it was a lot of fun going to the camera shop, or
the chemists, to pick up developed photos that had been taken days or weeks before.
When I was 19 I travelled through Europe with a friend and took at least 200 photos
of my trip. I made the mistake of sending the rolls of film to the UK by post from
Greece and they never arrived. I kind of lost interest in photography after that!
These days I prefer video and I don’t own a still camera. I only use the one on my
mobile phone for the occasional snap.

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