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 The Forger
Forged notes have started to appear everywhere. Mr Cheyne Wells
of Harley Street has been given one. So has Porter. Peter Clifton is
rich, but no one is quite certain how he acquired his money - not
even his new wife, the beautiful Jane Leith. One night someone puts
a ladder to Jane's window and enters her room. It is not her jewels they are
after. Inspector Rouper and Superintendent Bourke are both involved in trying
to solve this thrilling mystery.

 The Black Abbot
They say the ghost of the Black Abbot has been seen near the old abbey,
and Cartwright the grocer claims to have seen it too. Meanwhile Harry
Alford, eighteenth Earl of Chelford is engaged to Leslie Gine, sister of
Arthur, solicitor and gambler with the family fortune. The Earl had
originally asked his secretary Mary Wenner to be his bride, but his half
brother Richard intervened to stop the marriage. Plotting revenge, Mary proposes
she and Arthur marry. Her dowry, she insists, will be fifteen tons of Spanish gold
the missing Chelford treasure.



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