The Vegetarian Schnitzel Factory

Of all the varied jobs I’ve had in my life, perhaps one of the weirdest was the 8 months
I spent working in a vegetarian schnitzel factory. I was broke and really needed the money.
Why else would I agree to drive a fork-lift truck around a freezer 10 hours a day, 6 days a
Despite the bleakness of the job itself, my co-workers were actually really nice people. From
a variety of ethnic backgrounds and resources, they were a friendly bunch, except for my
co-worker and direct boss who both threatened me the first day with violence if I didn’t pull
my weight!
I was tasked with moving ingredients and finished products from freezer to production line to
warehouse, and most of my day was spent on the seat of a fork-lift truck.
My worst moment was at the end of a tiring 12-hour shift. I had a remote control fixed to the
fork-lift, and I pressed a button to raise and lower the large automatic doors that formed the
entrance to the factory.
I thought my forks were down, but they were up at their highest level and I heard a sickening
crash and looked up to see the forks sticking thought the top of the automatic door. I stared
in disbelief, and so did my boss who was standing right beside me.
The factory comedians were two young guys who worked on the vegetarian sausage machine.
They always had a joke and a funny story and made our tea breaks, which always had a full
table of free vegetarian pizza, good times to remember.

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