Grammar: Prepositions at the end of questions

In conversations, it’s quite common to ask a short question that has a preposition at the end. For example, (Reza, ask me what I’m doing)

A: What are you doing?
B: I’m thinking.
A: What about?

A: Are you going out tonight?
B: It depends.
A: What on?

A: What’s the matter?
B: I’m angry.
A: What about?

A: Are you going on holiday?
B: No, I’m afraid.
A: What of?

A: Can you give me a hand?
B: No, I’m busy.
A: What with?

A: Are you ready to leave?
B: No, I’m waiting.
A: What for?

A: Can I turn the radio off?
B: No, I’m listening.
A: What to?

A: You seem very quiet today. Are you ok?
B: No, I’m worried.
A: What about?

Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are more informal and are often used in spoken English. The full verb is more commonly used in formal language and in formal written English.

Guess the full verb!

Phrasal Verb: She GOT OVER her illness Full Verb: She RECOVERED FROM her illness
Phrasal Verb: The police LOOKED INTO it Full Verb: The police INVESTIGATED it
Phrasal Verb: He GAVE me the money BACK Full Verb: He RETURNED the money (to me)
Phrasal Verb: They TALKED it OVER Full Verb: They DISCUSSED it
Phrasal Verb: The dog WENT FOR him Full Verb: The dog ATTACKED him
Phrasal Verb: It suddenly DAWNED ON her Full Verb: She suddenly REALISED (the penny dropped!)
Phrasal Verb: I FEEL FOR you Full Verb: I SYMPATHISED with you
Phrasal Verb: She hadn’t BARGAINED FOR this Full Verb: She hadn’t EXPECTED this (or prepared for this)
Phrasal Verb: He went round to her house Full Verb: He VISITED her house (to pop in / to pop round)
Craig and Reza’s Weekly wind-ups ( to wind up = annoy, irritate, bother: fastidiar, disgustar, molestar)

Reza’s wind up – Bus drivers who don’t let people on the bus! (to have a go at = to critize)
Craig’s wind up – Scatter cushions on a bed! (come again! = Please repeat that) - cushion = cojin.

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