A Lost Suitcase

Is there anything as frustrating as a lost suitcase? You plan your holiday.
You look forward to it for weeks, or even months. Spend ages thinking
what to take with you, and maybe even buy a load of new stuff. And then
you arrive at your holiday destination only to find that the airline company
has sent your luggage somewhere else!
This has happened to me many times, but most recently on a short, 4-day
trip to Stockholm. We checked in two bags, and my wife’s bag arrived, but
not mine.
We queued up to make a lost luggage report at the SAS desk and took a
train to our hotel. I fully expected my bag to arrive the same day, or at
least the following day on the next flight from Zurich where we had changed
planes. But no. Nothing. Zilch. Nada!
Four days abroad with no luggage is not a total disaster. Luckily the weather
was warm and I bought a clean T-shirt and some underwear. The hotel had
soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and shaving gear so I wasn’t going to let this
bad luck spoil my holiday.
This morning the airport phoned and my bag has been found, 13 days after
I gave it to the airline! Next time you travel by plane, make sure you put
some clean clothes in you carry-on bag – just in case!

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