Hello is that The Sunny Bridge Hotel?
Oh hello, I’m phoning to make a reservation. But I’ve got some
questions first.
Do you have a room with 3 beds? A double and a single?
Oh, you do! That’s great. We’re travelling with our daughter and
she’s only 3.
Is there a TV in the room? And air-conditioning? Wonderful!
And does the hotel have parking? Ok, so that’s an additional 10
pounds per day to park the car.
In that case, I’d like to reserve a room, from October 21st until
the 27th October.
No, just bed and breakfast thanks, we’ll be having lunch and
dinner in the city centre.
Yes, of course. My name’s Tim Dearborn. It’s a Visa card, number
0956 2863 2285 5763. Expiry date 04/2019.
Ok. Great. I’ll see you on the 21st then. Thanks a lot. Bye!

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