What’s your favourite smell?

Freshly-baked bread, flowers, a box of chocolates, expensive perfume; these are only
some smells that may bring you pleasure and make you smile.
Certain smells act as a memory trigger and can take you back years to good, or bad,
memories of childhood. For me, the sweet smell of freshly-cut grass takes me back to
when I was 8 or 9 years old playing football with my friends at junior school. We were
lucky enough to have a large field of grass to play on right next to the school and during
lunch time and break time we put down pullovers as goal posts and played football.
This may sound strange, but I love the smell of petrol, too. I always have, ever since I
was a kid. Engine oil, on the other hand, doesn’t do a lot for me. It reminds me of dirty
garages, engines and greasy hands.
Another smell that might be unusual is the smell of a brand new book. When you open
it for the first time and stick your nose right in there between the pages. The smell of
the ink and the newness of the paper always gives me a rush. Sadly, this smell may be
disappearing with digital publishing.
Bacon has to be up there in my top 10 best smells. Mix the smell of bacon frying in a pan
with fresh bread right out of the oven and how could your mouth not be watering?
While on the subject of food, the smell of vanilla, chocolate and coffee must also be
mentioned. Can you think of another food smell that excites your brain?
Rain is another smell that brings me pleasure and reminds me of when I lived in the UK.
Although strangely, rain doesn’t smell the same in Spain as it does in the UK. Perhaps it
has something to do with the fact that there were more parks, trees and green areas in
my London suburb. But I’ve always loved the smell after a heavy rainfall, when the
ground’s wet and the air smells clean and fresh.

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