Things rise, increase, go up
Things go down, decrease, fall, drop
Prices have fallen, dropped, gone down, decreased
There has been a fall, drop, decrease (nouns) in st
There has been a dramatic/steady/slow/gradual/sharp/sudden/huge/big/significant/small/slight increase in prices
to fluctuate = to go up and down
There has been a lot of fluctuation
The euro has fallen dramatically against the dollar.
There has been a noticable increase.
to rocket, to surge, to soar, to shoot up
to plummit, to crash
to euro is in a downward trend, a downward spiral / an upward trend, an upward spiral
Craig and Reza’s Weekly wind-ups (to wind up = annoy, irritate, bother: fastidiar, disgustar, molestar)

Here are 2 things that get up our noses
Craig – Bad drivers (and bad parkers) not double parking, but blocking cycle paths, garages, pavements. People who leave their handbrake on when they double park etc
Reza – Artificial cream from a spray can (cream = nata)
to scrape of the cream (scrape = rascar, quitar).

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