Grammar: Either and Neither

Either usually means there is choice between two possibilities:
You can have either vodka or whisky.
Either we leave now, or we miss the last train.
Neither…… nor is used in a negative way when you want to say that two or more things are not true:
Neither Craig nor Reza speak Chinese.
“neither” can be used as an adverb:
Reza can’t speak Chinese. Neither can I. (tampoco) / I can’t either.
Reza can’t speak Chinese, nor can Craig.
I’d like to visit Mexico and Brazil. Either country could be interesting. (Cualquier país podría ser interesante.)
Neither shirt really suits you. (Ningúna camisa realmente te queda bien.)
“None of the shirts suit you.” (for a choice of 3 or more)

Vocabulary: Parts of the body

hombro = shoulder
cabeza = head
codo = elbow
espalda = back
puño = fist
corazón = heart
hueso = bone

I’m heading for the supermarket – to head for – to go in the direction of
If I shoulder all the blame, what am I doing? – to shoulder the blame – to take all the responsibilty
Do you know anyone who is a bit tight-fisted (mean, not generous)?
What about big-headed? (self-important, a person with a high opinion of themselves, conceited, creído)
Two-faced (hypocritical, falso)
Thick-skinned (insensitive to criticism)
What are you doing if you’re elbowing your way through a crowd? – to elbow (use your elbows to push people out of the way and make room for yourself)
I went out last night to a restaurant and I had to foot the bill – to foot the bill = to pay for everything
to leg it = to run away quickly!
I think we may have a sponsor to back our podcast. to back = to support (usually financially) “a backer”
I have a bone to pick with you! – to talk about a difficult problem with someone (especially if you’re upset or angry).
My boss gave me a pat on the back – He congratulated me
When we do this podcast we have a free hand – we can talk about anything, there are no limits.
She went behind my back – She did it without consulting you, in secret.
I can’t understand computer code. It’s way above my head. – it’s too complicated. It’s beyond my comprehension.
Learn these idioms by heart – from memory
You’re pulling my leg – You’re joking (tomar el pelo) – to make fun of
I’ve got a sweet tooth – You like sweet things
You took the words right out of my mouth – You said exactly what I was about to say.
Relax, Let your hair down for a change! – take it easy, chill!
Give me a hand – help me
Craig and Reza’s Weekly wind-ups (to wind up = annoy, irritate, bother: fastidiar, disgustar, molestar)
Reza: people who speak audibly in cinemas
Craig: Websites with no contact information

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