My Favourite Podcast

My current favourite podcast is called Answer Me This. It’s been running
for over 5 years, but recently they decided to release an episode every
month instead of doing a weekly show like before.
It’s basically a comedy podcast, although it’s also quite informative.
There are two main co-hosts, Olly Mann and Helen Zaltzman, although
Helen’s husband, Martin, who’s the sound technician, sometimes comments
on things during the show.
The idea of the show is that listeners send in questions and Helen and Olly
answer them. They do it in a very funny and entertaining way. They don’t
always agree and they sometimes argue. It’s not a family friendly podcast
and contains a lot of swearing, so you might not want your children to listen.
One of my favourite things about the show is the way they create short
musical jingles and ads. They’re very funny and entertaining. For example,
Helen and Olly sing their phone number and email address, but they can’t
sing and I think that’s funny.

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