In this episode: Connecting devices / linking words: but, even though/although, however, in spite of/despite, on the one hand…., but on the other hand, shopping expressions and more weekly wind-ups


but, even though/although, however, in spite of/despite, on the one hand…., but on the other hand

We spoke about some of these linking words, connectors in podcast 32

Craig’s on a diet/he can’t lose weight – (use BUT)

Craig’s on a diet but he can’t lose weight. – but = pero


Even though Craig’s on a diet, he can’t lose weight. – even though/although = aunque


Despite being on a diet, Craig can’t lose weight. – in spite of/despite = a pesar de


Craig’s on a diet. However, he can’t lose weight. – however = sin embargo


On the one hand, It’s a good idea to use idioms in the exam, but on the other hand don’t over use them. Don’t use them too much. – On the one hand = por un lado, on the other hand = por otro lado

Finish the sentences:

The film had great special effects, but………..the acting wasn’t very good.
She wanted to be a singer. However, ………..she had a weak voice.
I refused to take the teaching job despite the fact that……… was well-paid. (or…….despite it being well-paid)
On the one hand, the meal was extremely good, but………on the other hand it was expensive.
In spite of feeling too tired to go out after work,………I got dressed and hit the streets.
Although I’d never been to Granada before,………as soon as I arrived I felt at home.


John’s question (Juan from Buenos Aires who’s going to California):

Could you talk about travel vocabulary?
For example how to ask for some place to arrive by car (podcast 52), how to order in a restaurant (podcast 54), today we’re going to speak about how to shop.

We spoke about shopping for clothes (podcast 19)

And in podcast 47 we spoke about the difference between shoppers, customers, consumers and expressions such as a bar of chocolate, a tube of toothpaste, a carton of milk etc.

Useful expressions:

Finding a shop – “Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest shoe shop is?” – “Excuse me, is there a shoe shop/supermarket/chemist’s near here?”
“Could you give me the name of a good clothes shop, please?” – “Can you recommend a good clothes shop?”
“Excuse me. could you direct me to the nearest shopping centre/shopping mall?” – “Excuse me, Where’s the nearest shopping centre/mall, please?”
Revise indirect questions with Reza, Craig and Nicola in episode 50
I’m sorry to bother you,…..”Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, where’s the nearest shopping centre?”
“Excuse me, where can I buy a memory card around here?”
Hours – “What time do you open/close?” – “Excuse me, what are your (opening) hours?”
“Are you open all day?”
“Are you open on Sundays?”

General expressions:

“Could you help me, please?”
“Excuse me, I’m looking for a …….”
“Do you take credit cards?”
“Can I help you?” – “No thanks, I’m just looking / browsing.”

Craig and Reza’s Weekly wind-ups (to wind up = annoy, irritate, bother: fastidiar, disgustar, molestar)
Reza: (It drives me round the bend = Me pone loco, me pone negro) Angry bees or wasps” (bee = abeja, wasp = avispa)
to sting = picar – sting, stung, stung

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