Guided Tours

I haven’t been on many good guided tours, and I’m starting to wonder if
they’re really worth it.
Would you prefer to go to a city and discover it for yourself or let someone
lead you about like a sheep and only show you things they thought were
Don’t get me wrong, I have had some very good city tours. When I went to
Berlin last year, I took a tour that was entertaining, informative and
interesting. But usually tour guides take tourists to religious monuments and
museums that hold little interest to me. I’d much prefer to sit outside drinking
coffee and watch people go about their daily life, or visit a local market and
experience the noise, smells and colours.
Perhaps it’s just me. Everyone has different tastes. But on my last trip I got
the impression that the tour group went to visit a dozen churches because
they felt they had to, not because they really wanted to. For me, I would have
been more interested watching paint dry!

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