Tea or Coffee?

“Would you prefer tea or coffee?” is a question you might hear if you visit
someone’s home in the UK. When I was growing up in London I mostly drank
tea. My dad, on the other hand, is a coffee drinker, but coffee for him is
disgusting powdered instant coffee in a big cup.

I hate that stuff and I stay as far away from it as possible.
In Spain, I prefer coffee; strong Spanish coffee with a little milk and sugar.
Today I’m drinking both. I had a coffee when I first got up, another in the
middle of the morning, and I’m drinking tea as I write this because it’s cold
in Spain and I’m trying to warm up my hands!

As a general rule, I drink tea in the UK and coffee in Spain unless, of course,
I’m in a café in Britain that serves good espresso coffee or I visit an ex-pat’s
house in Spain where I suspect that tea may be a better option.
What’s your favourite hot drink?

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