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What’s the difference between ‘another’ / ‘an other’ (in two words)

another + singular noun “Welcome to another episode.”

“Another” is usually written as one single word and not separated.

other + plural noun “Are there other beers?”

others (a pronoun to replace other + plural noun) “I don’t like this beer, are there others?”

I need another table. (chair is singular so we use another)

I need other chairs. (chairs is plural so we use other) – “There is the love of a good woman, and there is other love.” (Use ‘other’ with uncountable nouns. ‘Love’ is uncountable.)

I need others. (refers to other chairs)

Not that shirt, the other one. – Esa camisa no, la otra. – ‘other’ can be used to replace a noun.

another = one more “another beer, please” – “I’d like another one.”

“Would you like another biscuit?” (an ADDITIONAL biscuit)

“Not that shirt, the other one.” (the ALTERNATIVE one)

You can say “Another five books.”

Yo CANNOT say X”Another books.”X (because ‘books’ is a plural noun)

What’s the difference between currently and recently?

currently = en este momento, actualmente

Recently = recientemente


It’s a huge pleasure to listen to you chatting and teaching at the same time. I want to make a promise too, so I’m going to listen to you every week

Please, Could you make (give) some examples with words: strategy, strategic, strategist, strategically .. because the pronunciation is unbelievably difficult.. I think I might catch it (pick it up) from your conversation!

strategy (noun) – I have a strategy for my business.

strategic (adjective) – It was a stragegic move to undercut the competition.

strategist – A strategist uses strategy.

strategically (adverb) – The English podcaster strategically positioned himself beside the prettiest girl in the group.

strategize (verb) – The American military need to strategize thier policy in the Middle East.

PS normally, quite many things annoy me every week or almost everyday but you cheered me up … so I forgot all my irritations. Thanks.

Vocabulary: How to order in a restaurant

I’m John from Buenos Aires.
I’m going to travel to California in August.

Could you talk about travel vocabulary?
For example how to ask for some place to arrive by car, how to order in a restaurant, how to shop, etc
Thanks a lot.

to book a table / to reserve a table / to make a reservation – “Can I make a reservation for two (in the name of ………)?”

Could I see the menu? (Could I / Can I… + infinitive without ‘to’ – Can I have, see, taste, pay, sit…..? + PLEASE!!!

first course / starter (entrante, primer plato), main course (plato principal), dessert (postre)

What does it come with? Does it come with a salad? Does it come with chips (fries / French fries)?

a side order (a side of salad) – acompañamiento

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this is? Could you explain this to me, please? What’s in it, please?

What do you recommend?

The chef’s special / house special

Can I have some more bread/wine/beer, please? (Could I have another beer, please?)

Can I have some more wine/bread/water/beer etc.

Can we have the bill (UK) / check (US), please?

TIP = propina (to tip or not to tip?)

Is service included?

“Allow me”, “It’s on me / “It’s my treat” (No se dice, XI invite youX) / I’ll get this – Please, let me get this. – No, I insist! well, if you insist! “I won’t insult you by saying no!”

“I’ll look after this.” / “I’ll take care of the bill / the check.”

If you’re not satisfied, send it back (to the kitchen) – “It’s off” (está mal)

Craig and Reza’s Weekly wind-ups (to wind up = annoy, irritate, bother: fastidiar, disgustar, molestar)

Reza: English speakers living abroad (or on holiday) who get upset when local people don’t speak English.

controversial (polémico)

Craig: (bad) musicians who ask for money in restaurants (especially tourist spots) – NOT buskers in train stations.

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