A Scary Sunny Afternoon at the Pub

It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. The beer glass bounced off
the windscreen and as I sped past the mob of angry, drunk men I saw them chasing
us as fast as they could run. ‘If they catch us, we’re dead!’, I remember thinking.
The evening began in a relaxing, laid back kind of way; just a typical English summer
evening. It was surprisingly warm for the time of year, and the perfect evening to sit
outside a village pub and enjoy the sweet country air and a beer or two.
John wanted me to meet his dad, so we drove to the local pub to look for him. The
country pub was overflowing with locals of all ages. John went inside to order drinks at
the bar and came outside 10 minutes later wearing a completely different expression
on his face.
“He’s here” John growled, his eyes flashing and cheeks turning red with anger.
“Who’s here?”
“The bastard who’s been after my wife. I’m going after him.”
Before I could react, John was back inside the pub and the fight he started soon spilled
out onto the beer terrace. But it wasn’t just one man he was fighting, but three or four.
John came out in a flurry of fists and boots. His nose was bleeding and he was clearly
hurt. I jumped to help and dragged John to the car. It was a fight we could never win,
there were too many against us.
There was shouting and the sound of glasses breaking all around us as we jumped in the
I reversed into the crowd, trying to hit at least one of the angry mob with the back of the
car. That’s when the glass hit the windscreen, so I jammed it in first gear and raced down
the road and away from the pub.

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