1. I wish I could help you to pay back the loan, but my hands are tied, I’m afraid and I can’t go against what’s written in the contract.
2. Amparo has started studying for a psychology degree. She’s also working full time and she’s taking care of her kids. She’s really burning the candle at both ends.
3. I think the new office manager’s a bit of a dark horse. I know he’s young and not very experienced, but he’s a hard worker and a quick learner. I think he’ll surprise us all and get a promotion at the end of the year.
4. I love that new dress, and your hair looks fantastic, darling. You look like a million dollars.
5. Corruption among local government officials has become a real can of worms. It seems that no one wants to get involved and bring them to justice, in spite of all the accusations in the press.


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