Vocabulary: Cinema vocabulary

The music of a film – soundtrack
The people who watch a film – audience (sport – spectators)
When actors and actresses practise for a film or a play – rehearsal / to rehearse
The person who makes the film and tells the actors what to do – director (pronunciation)
The person who pays the money to make the film – producer
The dialogue of a film – script
Someone who does the dangerous things in a film – stuntperson
All of the actors and actresses in a film – the cast
The building where films are made – studio
The places where the film is shot outside the studio – on location
The continuation of a story in a book or a film – sequel (the book or film that precedes – goes before – the story is the prequel)
The part that an actor or actress plays in a film or a play – role
Images which are made by computer – special effects
When somebody writes an opinion of a film, play or book – review (the person is a critic)
The way an actor or an actress acts – performance
A successful film which earns a lot of money – a box office success, blockbuster (Jurassic World – grossed $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend – estreno = premiere, opening release, first release)

More vocabulary:

dubbed = doblado
subtitles = subtítulos
plot = argumento
the leading man/lady = the stars
the supporting actors/cast – “Who’s in it? / Who’s in the film?
good guys and bad guys = the goodies and the badies
a cameo role = aparición breve
femme fatale
to take place – The action takes place….
to be set (in)…
audition = audición, prueba
cinematography = dirección de fotografía, cinematografía
genre – género
silent film = película muda
a talkie = película sonora

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