Uses of GET

Vocabulary: Uses of GET

Phrasal verbs with GET

to get your head around = to understand
to get by – manage (financially) English teachers don’t earn very much money, but we get by. (arreglarse)
to get on/off a train/boat/plane/bike (subir/bajar) – get in/out of a car/taxi (salir)
get out of doing something – get out of doing the washing up (to avoid)
to get off with something (escapar, zafar, evitar una tarea, compromiso) – “The criminal commited a crime but no one caught him. He got off with it.” – get away with
to get on with – (seguir con) “Get on with your homework!”
to get on with – (llevarse bien) “Do you get on well with your brothers and sisters?”
to get away with – escape punishment for a crime or bad action (salirse con la suya, zafarse de la cárcel) “I can’t believe you got away with cheating on that test!”
to get over – to recover (from an illness, a surprise) Have you got over your cold yet? (recuperarse)
to get up – levantarse What time do you get up in the summer? Do you go to bed and get up later because of the heat?
to get through (to someone) – to communicate “It’s difficult to get through to my wife. We always argue.”


“Craig has just got his hair cut.”
“Reza got/had his temperature taken by the doctor.”
With GET we can say that we cause something to happen or to be done. It is a less formal way of saying ‘have something done’:
“I’m getting my car serviced tomorrow.”
“Did you notice that I got my hair cut?”
We also use get to mean that we cause something to happen:
Sorry to keep you waiting, Sir. We’re just getting the room cleaned for you.
They got me to make a presentation at work, but I hate speaking in front of people. (They persuaded me to do it)
Can you help me get this photocopier working?
I want to get this podcast edited today.


How are you getting to Belfast?
What time did you get here?
If you leave here at 3pm, what time will you get to your flat? (get home)
Reza gets home an hour after he leaves here.


How old were you when you got your driving licence? (obtain)
How many emails do you get per day or per week? Would you rather get a letter or an email?
I need to get a new pair of shoes in the sales. Are you getting anything?
When are you getting your flat done up? (to do up = reformar, renovar, redecorar) – to decorate
una reforma = alterations, changes, remodeling, refurbishment
to get your act together = to do what you are supposed to do, to organise yourself
to get engaged, get married, get separated, get divorced, get over it!
catapult – tirachinas, honda, resortera, gomera, tirador
to get into trouble, to get arrested, to get caught
to get in dept
Get real! (get a grip) – ¡abre los ojos! Be honest, don’t lie.


to get drunk
to get lucky
Get a life!
It’s getting hotter every day here in Valencia.
I am getting old. Are there any advantages in getting old?
Do you ever get tired of teaching?

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