Mr. X

Hello everyone. My name’s Mr. X and I’m a professional hit man. I kill people
for money. Not a profession that you’d want to shout about, so that’s why my
voice is disguised and I’ve called myself Mr. X.
I actually wanted to be a vet when I was at school. I’ve always loved animals,
especially dogs, but I wasn’t able to obtain the right grades to get to university,
so I left school when I was 18 and fell into bad company.
Gangs in my neighbourhood sold drugs on street corners and in bars and pubs.
I saw it as easy money and within a year I was putting over 1,000 pounds a
week under my mattress.
I was 21 when I first went to prison and it scared the s•&t out of me. I was lucky
to meet a hard man in there, can’t say his name, Scottish bloke from Glasgow, but
he looked after me and when I got out two years later he offered me 5,000 for my
first job. I needed the money, so I took it. Now I don’t do a hit for less than 50,000
pounds. If I ever have to go back in jail again I want to come out rich.

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