The first time I saw Judith she asked me to hold her gun.
Then she walked into her room to change out of her army clothes. From outside I
heard the loud, up-tempo beat of Samba music coming through the closed door.
The music got louder as the door was flung open, and out danced Judith with her
arms in the air and her tight jeans swaying to the sound of the Samba.
She smiled at me as she put her arms around Moses’ neck and danced with him,
her long brown hair swaying with the Samba. I was so jealous, and I hadn’t even
kissed her yet.
They were both great dancers, but it was Judith I was looking at, not Moses. She
had the sexiest body and she really knew how to move to the music. They danced
for around 20 minutes and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
‘Thank you’, she said, as I gave her back her semi-automatic. She smiled at me and
her soft, hazel eyes looked into mine for just a split second too long.
I was in love. I knew now that she liked me. I’d thought I’d imagined those long
looks she’d given me from another table in the dining room, day after day, week after
week. But no, she was definitely interested.
She threw the gun over her shoulder and arranged her hair over the strap with the
ease and thoughtlessness of a long-time habit.
‘Hungry?’. She asked. ‘Yes, starving!’, I replied as we walked side by side, and rather
shyly, towards the dining hall.

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