Flat Hunting

Well… it needs a lot of work. The bathroom is horrible. It’s got these really
ugly yellow and blue tiles on the wall, so we’d have to replace those. And
the shower, sink and toilet are old and need changing. The kitchen, too is
in a bit of a state, so we’d have to spend a lot of money on that. We’d need
a new fridge, a new cooker and probably cupboards, too.
What’s that? No, the bedrooms and lounge are really nice. There’s lots of
space and all the windows were replaced last year so that’s good.
But the thing I liked the most was the balcony. It must be at least 40 square
metres. So we can put a barbecue out there and there’s loads of space for our
plants and flowers.
I think you should see it, and the owner is open to negotiation over the price,
so I think we might be able to afford it if we can get her down low enough.
Yep! There’s a nice big garage for the car and my bike and some extra storage

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