The White Nights Festival

The White Nights Festival in Russia is an annual international cultural event during the season of the midnight sun.
The festival consists of a series of classical ballet, opera and music events and includes performances by national dancers, singers, musicians and actors, as well as famous international guest stars.
Evening performances usually start at 7 pm, but sometimes they might begin at 6 pm or 8 pm. In addition, sometimes there are morning or daytime performances as well, that can start either at 12 noon, or at 2 pm or at 4 pm.
The Scarlet Sails celebration is the culmination of the season. This is the largest public event anywhere in the country, and it has an annual estimated attendance about one million people. Most are students from hundreds of schools and colleges, both local and international.
The festival begins in May at the Mariinsky Theatre and ends in July. However, some performances connected to the festival take place before and after the official dates.

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