I burned my bum

Everyone else was sunbathing naked, so we thought, ‘When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do’.
We weren’t in Italy, though, we were on a Greek island. We knew nude sunbathing was
allowed in Greece, that’s why we went to this particular beach, but we didn’t expect
everyone to be naked.
British people are not especially keen on taking off their clothes in public. In fact, many don’t
like taking them off in the bedroom with the lights out! But what could we do? We didn’t want
to be stared at as the only sunbathers with shorts on.
I lay face down on my towel, and so did my friends. Perhaps I was being overly self-conscious,
but I had the feeling people were staring at me, especially when I stood up. So, I spent most
of the morning lying on my stomach reading a book.
Well, here’s the thing, my bum had never seen the sun. It had certainly never seen Greek sun
in August for 4 and half hours, and, because we were young and stupid, that particular day, it
had never seen any sun protection cream either.
I couldn’t sit down for a week and that same evening in the shower – it was agony. I was not
alone, all my friends had severe sun bum burns and we walked around the town for days like
John Wayne after he’d been riding a horse for a month!.

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