Washing cars in Kensington

Our destination was India, but first we needed money.
We were part of the way there. Danny had arrived in London from Detroit with about a
thousand dollars, and I’d managed to save about the same from my back-breaking work
picking vegetables on a farm. But how were we going to make enough money to cover
the air fare and our travelling expenses?
I had an idea. Washing cars. We were staying, temporarily, with my parents in Kensington.
My dad was working as a chauffeur and one perk of the job was a nice flat in one of the
wealthiest parts of inner London.
As we walked around the area, all we saw were top of the range Porsches, Mercedes,
BMWs, Jaguars. Surely these rich people didn’t have time, or the inclination, to wash their
We set to work. Danny shopped for buckets, sponges and car shampoo. I designed small
posters advertising our services.
Within two months we had made enough money to head off to India, and my parents said
people kept phoning their flat for almost a year after we’d left asking to have their car

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