The weather’s getting warmer and it’s time to think about blowing the dust off your barbecue, if you have one, and getting it ready for the summer.
Is this something you do? I mean, do you often have barbecues with family and friends? I used to barbecue a lot at weekends, but in the flat I’m in now there’s no room. The balcony is too small to cook on and the smoke would probably disturb the neighbours.
It’s probably more common in Spain to cook paella for Sunday lunch, but if I had to choose, I’d prefer to throw a few sausages, some steak or chicken on a grill. It’s what I used to do in the UK, when it wasn’t raining, of course!
One time, in the middle of summer, we had to move the barbecue, the table and everything into the garage to get out of the rain! That wasn’t fun.
Whatever you decide to do this summer on your gas rings, coals or wood, I think you should do it outside and with friends. Crack open a few beers and a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of people you love and cook together. There’s something very primal and bonding about gathering around a fire to eat together.

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