Verb Past Simple Past Participle

be was / were been
become became become
begin began begun
drink drank drunk
ring rang rung
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
swim swam swum
bring brought brought
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
fight fought fought
think thought thought
teach taught taught
come came come (“Craig often doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.” – He does know what he’s doing.)
go went gone
forbid forbade forbidden
forget forgot forgotten
forgive forgave forgiven
choose chose chosen
ride rode ridden
freeze froze frozen
break broke broken
hide hid hidden
write wrote written
rise rose risen
speak spoke spoken
steal stole stolen
take took taken
eat ate eaten
cut cut cut
run ran run
do did done
draw drew drawn
drive drove driven
find found found
fly flew flown
sit sat sat
blow blew blown (“To blow your own trumpet.” – to boast (jactarse, presumir, tirarse flores)
grow grew grown
hear heard heard
know knew known
leave left left
mean meant meant
read read read
see saw seen
shoot shot shot
sleep slept slept
tear tore torn
tell told told
throw threw thrown
understand understood understood
wake woke woken
wear wore worn
…and now it’s your turn to practise your English. We want you to tell us what you did yesterday and what you have done this week to practise the past simple and past participle

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