Starting a conversation and making small talk

Think of ways to start speaking to someone in English for the first time and keep the conversation going.


Hi / Hello, I’m……
Is this your first time here?
Have you been here before?
What do you think of the conference? / What do you think of the party / speakers / event / music etc?

The Weather

It’s a bit cold today, isn’t it?
I’m sweating, it’s boiling!
Oh, what a terrible wind!
Oh, I hope it doesn’t rain.
It’s freezing / boiling today!
Nice day, isn’t it? / Lovely weather, isn’t it? (with falling intonation)

More Small talk questions

Have you been here before?
Do I know you from somewhere? Haven’t I seen you here before? You look familiar. (these questions could be interpreted as ‘chat-up lines’ – para ligar)
Can I help you? Do you need help?
What’s the score? Who’s winning?
Did you see the match last night?
Where are you from? Which part of the UK are you from?
How long have you been here?
Do you mind me asking why you’re here?
Are you waiting for someone? Can I buy you a drink?
Have you got a light?

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