The Only Thing I Can Cook

I don’t really like cooking. The only time I get any enjoyment or satisfaction out of cooking is when I make Shepherd’s Pie for guests. It’s the one thing I know how to cook, and it usually turns out pretty good.
What’s in it? Well, chopped meat, traditionally lamb, that’s why it’s called Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd is ‘pastor’ in Spanish. You can also use beef instead, and then it’s called a Cottage Pie.
There’s also onions, carrots, garlic, mushrooms and mashed potato on top. Mixed into the potato is the secret ingredient, parmesan cheese.
One of the best things about this dish, apart from the taste, of course, is that you can prepare it all before your guests arrive and then just heat it up, so you’re not in the kitchen cooking all the time and you can hang out with your guests.
Why don’t you try Shepherd’s Pie next time you invite friends for lunch?

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