Recommendations to Improve your Listening

My students often ask me what they can do to improve their listening. So I thought I’d give you some recommendations and suggestions.
I discovered a new website recently that’s a lot of fun if you’re into music. It’s called lyrics training and the Spanish version is at
The idea is that you search for a song you like and then write the missing words in the lyrics as you listen to the song. The song pauses for you to write, so you don’t have to be very quick. You can get lyrics training both on your mobile phone and on your computer.
There are so many good TV series available now that it’s hard to know where to start. For comedy, I’d say start with The Office (either version, although I think the UK British version is better than the US one), or The Royle Family. Blackadder The Thick of It are also very good.
If you like crime, try Sherlock, Line of Duty and The Fall. The Fall is based in Belfast, so you get to listen to a lot of Northern Irish accents.
Downton Abbey, Poldark and The Crown are good dramas and, if you have Netflix, some of my favourites on Netflix include Black Mirror, House of Cards and Peaky Blinders which has some wonderful accents from the north of the UK.
Of course, you can also listen to our podcast at and we have some excellent listening exercises and audio courses available on our website at

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