A Psychedelic Drug That May Simulate Death

Scientific studies are being conducted in a London College on a drug that may give us insights on what it’s like to die.
The drug, known as DMT, is being tested on volunteers with the express permission of the British Home Office. It’s important to meet the legal and ethical government requirements in order to carry out such tests.
One volunteer has reported images of ‘books opening and rainbows shooting out of them’ and a feeling of detachment from the body and the ego.
According to one of the researchers working on the project, the feeling of the ego dying and losing a ‘sense of self’ is fairly common among people who have taken psychedelic drugs like LSD.
DMT is made by combining two plants, the ayahuasca vine and a shrub called chacruna.. It has been used as medicine by the Amazonian tribes for centuries.
Volunteers who have taken the drug have described experiences very similar to those had by people who have had near death experiences, or NDE. These people were clinically dead and then brought back to life.

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