1. The noise from the buses and the traffic outside is really getting on my nerves. Do you mind if I close the window?
2. I’m sure my boss has it in for me. She’s told me to work again this weekend and refused to let me take my holiday leave next month.
3. Pepito’s dad disappeared from his life when he was 9. When he contacted him 14 years later, Pepito didn’t have the heart to turn his back on him.
4. I took an instant dislike to my mother-in-law when I first met her, but I’ve managed to hide it for nearly 4 years.
5. For years, tech nerds and science geeks were looked down on, but now they are earning all the money and getting a lot of respect.
6. Whenever I go on a group holiday or package tour with people I don’t know, I tend to keep myself to myself and only speak when I’m spoken to.

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