A School Trip to Italy

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Italy recently for a number of reasons. Of course, Italy’s been in the news quite a lot. Some right-wing government ministers are being very tough on immigration and a bridge tragically collapsed in Genoa this summer killing 43 people.
On a happier note, some very good friends of mine went on holiday to Tuscany and had a wonderful time. And a listener of our podcast contacted us with some excellent advice on places to visit in the north of the country.
I was only 17 when I first visited Italy. It was a school trip to the north for a week to Verona and the lovely lakes.
I remember very little about the trip. There was a very sweet blond girl who was staying in the same hotel. I remember her! I also remember that she preferred my friend to me. As a sensitive seventeen-year-old, that kind of spoiled the week for me.
But I also remember the countryside, the lovely views of the lake and the peaceful atmosphere. It’s probably changed a lot now, but I’d love to go back and see that part of Italy again.
I’m sure that next time I go I’ll be more focused on enjoying the wonderful food, meeting people from the area, seeing the countryside and experiencing the local culture than I was during my first visit all those years ago.

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